Friday, 4 October 2013

How to build a raised bed


Here are some pretty self-explanatory pix on how to build a raised bed. The bits which are missed out is the hours and hours it takes to fill it with hardcore first, then the wheelbarrows full of earth. I thought I'd spare you those bits, they weren't much fun for us so they won't be fun for you!

First, if you're building on concrete or loc block, you have to create drainage holes.

Railway sleepers from a local building centre.

Screw bits of wood to the back to keep them together.

Line it with black plastic so the earth doesn't escape to the front, and tack the plastic to the sleepers.

Hard core goes in, then weed-suppresent fabric on top, followed by a layer of good stuff for the earth (pellets of smelly chicken poo, if you must know!).

Then lots and lots and lots of sifting earth from the back of the garden, and wheelbarrowing it over to the raised bed.

There you go! If we can do it, so can you.....

Thanks for dropping by and more pix to come of the green stuff planted into the raised bed. It's near the kitchen so that should give you a little clue!

Karen x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

(Man + fire) v stump


We had a stump to get rid of in the back garden. We could've hired a man to come round (expensive), rented a stump grinder and do it ourselves (still pricey), or use firelighters, kindlers and a match which we already own (virtually free). However, there was a lot of digging to do first to get under the roots.

But once you start that fire, it's good. 

After two days of burning, this was all that was left of the stump.

(Man + fire) won. The stump didn't really have much of a chance!

We have been busy in the garden, so more posts this week including some more of those green things (plants I believe they're called?) in a new raised bed. It's all go!

Karen x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Cool 1966 Car

Good morning!

My husband has been doing up this car for about 18 months and it's now on the road, passed it's MOT and driving lovely. It's a 1966 Volvo Amazon and, while she's not built for speed, she's certainly a looker.
The other do-er up-er he has though, a Volvo P1800, will take considerably longer to do it - it's needing   a lot of work and is going to be made for speed. I won't ask how long it'll take, as I suspect I wouldn't like the answer.....

We took the Amazon out to our cottage for the weekend for her first long run - she looked lovely against the backdrop of the blue skies and seas. Don't worry though, she's going to be garaged when it's raining or snowing, so she should stay pristine.

What do you reckon? Would you prefer an older car with character, or a modern one with more conveniences?

Karen x