Wednesday, 7 August 2013

About a back garden

This is a story about a back garden. It's actually a three-quarters finished back garden, but I'm quite excited about the latest stage as it means no more grass cutting! No more trying to force a slightly leaking mower over very bumpy ground, trying to cut grass which really should have been cut the previous week.

Instead, I'm thinking wine o'clock on this.......

A lovely new patio.

And the grassy bit at the back with a mound of earth? That's going to have a covered gazebo soon. We need a roof over a gazebo in Scotland, even on the sunny east coast!

The story started like this....

We had two outgrown and scraggly trees in the garden before myself and our pensioner neighbour chopped them down one day. My husband came along, tut-tutted at our lack of health and safety, and finished the job off in a safe and timely manner. Can you tell he's an engineer?

The garden stayed like this for a year or so. It's ok, we know it wasn't very pretty, we can take the criticism.  There was grass but not lolling-about-with-a-nice-rug-and-picnic type of grass.

The builder came and made the walls higher. This is half way though the process.

Last month, my visiting father-in-law then kindly painted the height extension bit cream in colour, leaving the original granite stone walls below. Then a few months later - two days ago - the builder came back with extra men armed with spades.

They dug out the grass, put base down and compacted it.

Then they laid the paving. This is it half finished, with no grouting.

Spare bits of paving from cutting. I reckon this will be used for base in someone else's garden.

Who would've thought I'd be taking pix of the inside of a cement mixer?

The washing up liquid helps mix the cement better. Honestly!

And this is what keeps builders going in Scotland - Irn Bru!

And this is it, the finished patio.

Now we just have to build the decking at the back, build a roofed pergola, paint the shed a colour other than blue, build some raised planters for the sides and put some plants in it. Hopefully all this year! When you say it quickly, it doesn't seem like a big job......

Karen x

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