Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday views


We went to Cornwall for a week-long holiday earlier this year and boy, was it a photographer's dream. It has to be said it is one of those places where you could point-and-shoot in any direction, and you'd take a pretty good pic. The sunny weather helped considerably too.
So here were some of my favourite places there - I'll do beaches this week and more next week - yes, I did take that many pix!

The sun was kind to us all week and mostly stayed out. I didn't take photos when it was raining so these pix may give you the idea there is no rain in Cornwall - that would be a lie, as there was a lot that week. But in between the rain showers, the sun did a good job.

We found lots of very, very good cafes and bistros.

I love a sand dune or two.

This sand dune was a biggie.

Some of the beaches were stunning.

Here's one pic of the beach at a village called Rock, which I was told where all the celebs go to. And us!

St Ives was particularly pretty, we liked it a lot. There was a nice walk from the train station to the car park. Taking the train there was a smart move, when we saw how busy the car park was! You also have to pay in pretty much every car park which had a view or was in a pretty village.

The beach was pretty long, and had greeny-blue sea surrounding it.

This was the beach at the other side of the town, near the Tate St Ives - this is actually taken from the cafe and is one of my favourite views of a beach in Cornwall. Have a great weekend!

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