Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Flowers are a thing of beauty

Flowers are a thing of beauty. They have inspired poets, artists and songwriters for centuries so who am I to argue with them? And one of the most showy blooms has to be a hydrangea - their petals are like a delicate framework of petals, so closely packed in together the overall effect is more like a firework than a subtle wash of colour.
I usually buy lillies for their scent but since hydrangeas are in season in the UK, it seemed almost rude to ignore them. In one of the local florists' shops, I found these greeny-blue beauties and paid a grand total of £4.50 for three of them - that's two lattes from a coffee shop so well worth those pennies.
I decided to put them in the living room, to contrast with the dark wood coffee table and the dark cream-coloured walls.

The contrast against the dark wood is particularly pretty.

Those delicately-coloured petals make me smile.

I love the blue, it pops against the greeny-cream colour.

More pops of colour.

Ah, don't they make you smile?

Because there are three of them, they look good from every angle in the living room.

And particularly from this one, against the shutters, they look very dreamy.

So calming.

Have a fab flower-filled day!

Karen x

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