Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lipsticks I love

I have a confession.

Despite being a fairly outdoorsy type of girl, I do love a bit of make up chat.

The endless quest for the perfect foundation, a new eyeshadow THAT ACTUALLY STAYS ON AND DOESN'T CREASE, a natural-looking blush, or just a great lipstick, I love 'em all.

Working now among an office full of females rather than the male-orientated world of newspaper journalism is a bit of a revelation. I don't have to talk about football all day (much as I love football) and I can talk about make-up. In the open. No more hushed quick chats before getting a weird look for talking about something other than football.

These are a few of my favourite lipsticks just now. I'm going through a lipstick phase!

These are two of my favourite reds.

The Mabelline 24 Color really does stay on. You put the colour on, let it dry, then use the clear gloss from the white end, topping up with the gloss during the day. The colour was put on at 7.45am, lasted through three cups of tea, lunch and all the way until I took it off at 4.30pm as I was going to do some DIY. Red lipstick looks strange when you're doing DIY.

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable is a bit of a stupid name, but it is a great lipstick. It's a nice, more sheer and natural-looking red.

The next three are really good pinks with a bit of colour for my peely-wally Scottish skin and are all long lasting. I like long-lasting in a lipstick - no faffing about re-applying it every hour, we have work to do people! Left to right, they are Rimmel Kate Moss, Seventeen, and Rimmel Kate Moss. Seventeen is an own-brand by Boots the chemist, a fantastic British chain store which entices every female from puberty onwards. And it's a proper pharmacy too, it's not just make-up.

This last one is one of my old favourites, Clinique Long Lasting Glosswear in the colour 'Kissyfit'. Another strange name for a good lip product.

I'd like a job where you get to come up with make-up colour names. I think I'd call the perfect foundation shade "peely-wally'!

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