Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Craft fair bits 'n' bobs


Last Saturday I went to a Craft & Vintage Fair in Aberdeen city centre, held in a granite church and staffed by lots of lovely friendly people. Needless to say, I did make one or two purchases but they're gifts, honestly! The cost of the items was a lot less than say, buying an equivalent in a department store, and you feel nice and cosy that you've helped make a contribution to the crafting revolution. The things were all of really high quality and made with love, rather than a sweatshop in a third world country somewhere. The exhibitors included Ginger Pickle, Ditsy Blue, Bailey & Lou (Facebook - Bailey & Lou), Rocking Stitch, Buzz Words (Facebook - Buzz Words Creations), Curious Furnishings, Lynda Rennie, Wheelwright Co (Facebook wheelwrightco), Lomo Aberdeen (Facebook Lomoaberdeen), and We Love Trades bespoke fitted furniture and frames.
I took my iPhone (sadly I forgot my big girl's camera) so grabbed a few pix from different stalls when I was there. Here was the sign at the door with the fab sewing machine graphic by the organisers, Aberdeen Ministry of Craft.

How cute are these little colourful owls.

I loved these rabbits and the ducks - they all had their own names too - just sitting waiting for someone to take them home!

Some of these little purses were made from waterproof material for make up bits and bobs.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of these cutie booties.

Possibly the most colourful display of blankets and changing mats.

The white tree was a really eye-catching way to display the little hearts.

Lovely, lovely, lovely needle case books.

Random little teddies in various animal forms - look at the flowery elephant with the stripy ears, bless.

You can never go wrong with a nice-smelling drawer pouch or two.

Oh, there seem to be two missing from the basket, I wonder who came along and bought them! :)

Thanks for stopping by, and see you tomorrow for a small - but significant - back garden update. There might even be some plants!

Karen x

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