Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Front door before and after


Hope you're well and dandy! I thought you might like to see what a new colour of paint and some glass can do to transform our front door. It was inspired by the new front door with glass our former neighbours-round-the-corner the lovely Sarah and Neil had.
I loved the red colour of the original door, but thought a black front door would suit the house better - what do you think?
Here it was before, sorry there's no close-up of the door by itself. 

Here's the inside. Brown, heavy-looking and very, very dark.

It was even more dark behind the vestibule door.

The first stage was for a glazier to put glass into the top two panels.

Then I painted the back of the front door white to reflect more light around.

Behind the vestibule door gets tons more light now!

A proper undercoat for the front, before the black. I actually really like this grey so maybe next year, it might change colour again.....
You can also see here the glass stickers I put on, for a bit more privacy and they also make it look better.

Finished! Do you think black is good, or a grey like the undercoat would be better? Decisions, decisions.....

Thanks for stopping y - I'll do more house 'before and afters' in the coming weeks. The pix might also help me to remember that through the long saga that is the back garden, it will turn out good in the end!

Karen x

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