Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New colours


The paint firm Farrow & Ball has unveiled a set of new colours and they are rather lovely. We only have a couple of rooms painted in F&B colours as they are a bit pricey compared to 'normal' paint, but the depth of colour and tone is excellent. The names given to the colours are a marketing dream - Elephant's Breath, Mouse's Back, Savage Ground - and are a lot more romantic than 229, 40, and 213.
Here are the new colours.

This one is Wevet, the old Dorset name for a spider's web. From the pic, it looks like a silvery grey, with a touch of mauve.

This is Ammonite, the colour of fossils found on the Dorset coast. A subtle off white/cream, I'd say.

Purbeck Stone, a stronger neutral colour. I LOVE the pop of yellow from the broom against this colour.

Mole's Breath. It's supposed to be like Mouse's Back but without the slight greenish tinge. I reckon it would be really good in a dining room - could be made very dramatic with some red or black accessories.

Dimpse, the colour of of twilight, according to West Country dialect. This is a light grey, according to F&B, but looks a lot more creamy in this photo - it might just be the lighting.

Nancy's Blushes - how many young girls are going to love this in their bedroom?

Yellowcake. I think the name says where they got this colour from. I hope they got to eat a lot of cake to get just exactly the right colour....

St Giles Blue, a lovely bright turquoise-looking colour. The white and green of the flowers stand out against this one.

Stiffkey Blue, which is a more blue version of the smokey grey Down Pipe.

The only thing wrong with these gorgeous F&B photos is that is does make you want to paint a room and start again. Hmmmmmmm.......

Karen x

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