Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday views - a ruined castle by the sea


This is one of the prettiest castles in our local area - it's stunning on a day like the above. It's called Dunnottar Castle ( and it's a ruin which sits on top of a big lump of rock right next to the sea. You can see why they built them on places such as these centuries ago - they are difficult to attack.
It's called Dunottar Castle - from the Pictish word "Dun" which means hill fort or a place of strength - and there's been a building on the site in some shape or form since Pictish times.

To our modern eyes, it has a very dramatic and romantic setting.

And it's bigger than it looks when you get there, after going down lots of steps and back up again.

In a way, exploring a ruined castle is better than one which is still intact as you get to let your imagination run riot.

And, like most castles, it has a dark time in his history. In 1685, 122 men and 45 women were killed here for refusing to acknowledge the King's supremacy in spiritual matters.

Some parts of the interior are quite spooky. 

Here, you can see the tall chimneys - there was no central heating in those days.

The walls were built high and are very think to withstand attack, and the weather in the winter.

Some parts look like a ruined cottage, rather than a castle.

But other parts are decidedly castle-looking - imagine having this as your view from your window? But of course you'd be looking out for raiders on the horizon rather than oo-ing and ah-ing at the pretty colours!

Have a great weekend!

Karen x