Monday, 16 September 2013

Let there be earth


The back garden has taken a small (but significant in my eyes) step forward - it has some greenery in it again. When I say greenery, I mean something I've planted rather than the weeds which spring up out of nowhere!

Here's a reminder of what it looked like just after the patio was laid, the pebbles were shovelled in, and the raised bed was built.

Now, after digging, wheelbarrowing, sieving and shovelling several tonnes of earth with my own fair hands (and a lot of help), it looks like this.

Thankfully, the memory of this garden is starting to fade......

Hello lovely greenery, with a patio below!

One thing I've found is that it's difficult to buy lavender from garden centres in mid-September - it's like it's not in season or something!

Does gardening always take this long to do? Even though it's just one single raised bed, it seems like it's never-ending.

Karen x

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