Thursday, 5 September 2013

The difference paint makes

It's amazing the difference a £18.46 tin of paint makes. The shed has gone from blah to oooo, in two easy coats. When we moved into the house, we got the biggest shed we could legally put into the garden, and quickly put some of the blue shed paint which shows the grain through the colour on it. In between, we've had three of the hardest winters in recent times, countless rainy days, lots of lovely sunny weather and even some hot days. The blue colour had faded rather a bit. Here's what it looked like before (apologies for the pic as I was taking a pic of the new patio rather than the scrubby old shed!).

And here's it afterwards - nice battleship grey. Hooray for a £18.46 tin of paint from the local decorators' shop! Please ignore the grass to the left, I try to ignore it too.

And straight on the front. I might paint the facing at the top and the windows white. I haven't decided.

Here's another little difference paint can make. See where the line on the sandy colour is on the walls, all straight here.

I've painted down to where the concrete finished, it looks much better now, more natural.

We're getting to this stage, slowly!

Have a nice day! 

Karen x

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