Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Packaging touches

I love a good magazine and if it has good photography and recipes are thrown in, then all the better. Cereal is one of my favourite of the new ones - it's not like a traditional glossy magazine such as Vogue, all sheeny and shiny, more gentle but still stunning. I think the term for magazines like these is a magabook - half magazine, half book. Another one is Anthology which is also lovely. Unfortunately there's nowhere in Aberdeen which sells this type of magazine so I have two choices - wait for a trip to Edinburgh for Anthropologie or the fantastic Anaglogue Books http://www.analoguebooks.co.uk, or source them online. Obviously my favourite way is to go to Edinburgh but that doesn't happen too often sadly with that thing called work getting in the way! I went down the online route via Amazon to get the latest issue of cereal and look what came with it from the lovely supplier, Soma Galleryhttp://somagallery.co.uk/somashop/. Lovely postcard-sized mini prints and a cute business card. What a nice touch and the gallery looks really lovely too from its website.

Here's the freebies.

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Very nice font, and nice and graphic.

These are the two cards which came as extras.

Here's a close up of the Russian doll one, I like this one a lot. It may need a frame and a wall appearance somewhere.

It's random, it's green and there's an animal on a bike - what's not to love??

And here are the reverse sides of the cards.

Lovely colours indeed.

Here's a quick look at Cereal.

Look at those lovely photographs, aren't they so summery?

Have a nice day, enjoy getting lost in the Soma Gallery website!

Karen x

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