Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday views - pretty Pitullie


Here's one of the best places to watch a good sunset, as well as some 'challenging' weather in the winter - the view from our wee former fishermen's cottage. It's in a teeny tiny village called Pitullie, near the fishing port of Fraserburgh. It's sometimes called Pittulie on a map, strange spelling inconsistencies! We bought it using my share of inheritance after my mum passed away, and also money from when my husband sold his old student house in Australia. So, rather than being sensible and reducing the mortgage on the flat, we bought a wee cottage. Not sensible in one way but very sensible in so many other ways - we love it there, can go up at weekends and have made very good friends there. In fact, we love it so much, we got married on the grass outside, with the sea as the backdrop. So, the cottage is one of our favourite places. I'll show more pix of the cottage another time, but today it's all about the views.
In this one, you can see the sea hear (mist) as the line of pinky-grey where the sea and land meet the sky. 

We've seen some pretty spectacular sunsets from the living room.

There's a lot of sunny weather here, as it's in the micro-climate provided by the Moray Firth coastline.

But it's obviously not that sunny and pretty all of the time. There are some great storms there in the winter, with some big, big waves.

This wave was a big one. I took this pic standing on the rocks you can see in the middle of the above pic, but decided to come down off them afterwards. It was probably just as well, as a big wave came right over the rocks as I was coming down! 

After the above storm, there was a spectacular double rainbow - there's a sight you don't see too often.

And it quietened down again the next day but the seas were still pretty big.

Here's another sunset, with the corner of the cottage in the pic. Yep, it's about 50 yards from the sea but it's very high up from the shoreline so it's never flooded (fingers crossed).

The sunrises are pretty spectacular too - this one is my favourite. Just look at all those colours!

Have a great weekend and hope you get to see some pretty views! 

Karen x

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